Below are a list of available online resources about our living wall biofilters, and our company. If you looking for more information, please contact us. We would be happy to provide more information directly related to your needs.


Backgrounder – Nedlaw Living Walls: What They Are
Backgrounder – Benefits of Nedlaw Living Walls
Backgrounder – Nedlaw Living Walls: The Company
Factsheet – Nedlaw Living Walls: How They Work
Factsheet – Nedlaw Living Walls: System Requirements
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Nedlaw Living Walls Brochure


Construction Specifications
Nedlaw Living Wall Schematic with Descriptions


Impact Presentations

Please note, that Dr. Darlington was the President of Nedlaw Living Walls at the time these videos were made. He is currently Senior Vice President of Intellectual Property and Development.

How Nedlaw Living Walls Beautify Indoor Venues
How Nedlaw Living Walls Improve Indoor Air Quality
How Nedlaw Living Walls are Integrated into Venues
Nedlaw Basin Design
Mounting the Nedlaw System
Plant Selection
Construction of a Nedlaw Living Wall
Nedlaw Living Wall System Requirements
Energy Benefits of Nedlaw Living Wall Biofilters
The Impact on Air Quality of a Nedlaw Living Wall
The Science Behind the Nedlaw Living Wall

Construction Videos

Planting the Living Wall at Drexel University – Timelapse


570 News “Ask the Experts” with Nedlaw Living Walls Podcast