University Of Ottawa

Architect: Diamond & Schmitt Architects

At six stories high, this is the tallest living Biofilter wall in North America. The wall is located in the beautiful skylit atrium and can also be seen from outside the building.

The wall is fully integrated into the building’s air handling system and can treat 13,806 cfm of air. All of the building’s humidity is also provided by the wall and no mechanical humidification is needed. The University’s administration is seeking LEED Gold Certification for the building.

WESST Corporation

Architect: Diamond and Schmitt

The LEED Silver building is the first Living Wall that Nedlaw has been apart of for LEED in the United States. A great project that incorporates great natural light emitted through the glass fronting exterior wall.

Sassafraz Restaurant

Architects: Wade and Associates

A trendy restaurant that often sees the stars especially during the Toronto International Film Festival in Yorkville has a beautiful water feature centering the always remarkable Living Walls. One of the most popular living walls that we receive a lot of praise for.

St. Gabriel’s Passionist Parish

Architects: Larkan

The first LEED Gold religious facility in Canada.

University of Guelph-Humber

Architects: Diamond and Schmitt Architects

Measures 10m wide and 16m high for a total area of approximately 160m².
The first living wall and still our largest living wall ever constructed.

Fully integrated into the building air handling system, and capable of delivering 40,000 CPM
Supplied by natural light, and supplemented with architectural lighting

Contributed towards the building receiving a 2005 award of excellence from the Royal Architecture Institute of Canada

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