Project Type: LEED

WESST Corporation

Architect: Diamond and Schmitt

The LEED Silver building is the first Living Wall that Nedlaw has been apart of for LEED in the United States. A great project that incorporates great natural light emitted through the glass fronting exterior wall.

St. Gabriel’s Passionist Parish

Architects: Larkan

The first LEED Gold religious facility in Canada.

University of Guelph-Humber

Architects: Diamond and Schmitt Architects

Measures 10m wide and 16m high for a total area of approximately 160m².
The first living wall and still our largest living wall ever constructed.

Fully integrated into the building air handling system, and capable of delivering 40,000 CPM
Supplied by natural light, and supplemented with architectural lighting

Contributed towards the building receiving a 2005 award of excellence from the Royal Architecture Institute of Canada

The Remington Group

  • Located in the sales office of downtown Markham by the Remington Group, Markham, Ontario
  • A free standing two-sided wall that measures 7m wide and 2.5m high for an approximate area of 35m²
  • Natural light is supplemented by architectural fixtures
  • The 243 acre site is the largest LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)-certified project to date in Canada

Corus Quay

Architect: Diamond and Schmitt Architects and Quadrangle Architects

A 6 story, 1,130 square foot,two sided wall overlooking Lake Ontario. This biofilter has been awarded a Landscape Ontario Award of Excellence from the Horticultural Trades Association. This Living wall is breathtaking; like all our walls, it returns your breath cleaner and fresher. The photographs tell the story of this living masterpiece.

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