Project Type: Food Industry

Sassafraz Restaurant

Architects: Wade and Associates

A trendy restaurant that often sees the stars especially during the Toronto International Film Festival in Yorkville has a beautiful water feature centering the always remarkable Living Walls. One of the most popular living walls that we receive a lot of praise for.

Longos Maple Leaf Square

Architect: Watt International

A double sided wall overlooking the checkout is the latest addition to the Longo’s family of stores.  When Longo’s went looking for innovative ways to improve their spaces, they looked no further than Nedlaw to create the fresh feeling they were searching for.

Corus Quay

Architect: Diamond and Schmitt Architects and Quadrangle Architects

A 6 story, 1,130 square foot,two sided wall overlooking Lake Ontario. This biofilter has been awarded a Landscape Ontario Award of Excellence from the Horticultural Trades Association. This Living wall is breathtaking; like all our walls, it returns your breath cleaner and fresher. The photographs tell the story of this living masterpiece.