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Free Continuing Education Course on Indoor Air Biofilters by Nedlaw

We have teamed up with Architectural Record to provide a free Continuing Education course. The course, “Indoor Air Biofilters Deliver Clean Air Naturally: Biological systems function to improve air quality while providing beautiful form”, is available online. Once you complete the course and take the test, you will be able to:

  • Summarize and explain the principles of indoor air biofiltration that affect indoor air quality.
  • Analyze and compare the different basic components of an indoor air biofilter system.
  • Theorize and predict the impact of a biofilter on indoor air quality in buildings.
  • Specify and conceptually design an appropriate indoor air biofilter into a building to optimize performance.

This course will also earn you 1.00 HSW/SD credit. Take the course, and better your understanding of Indoor Air Biofilters.